Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blackberry vs iPhone

So, it seems to me that almost everybody has a Blackberry. First, of interest only to workaholics who obsessively checked emails, now even Fran├žois is on BB!

Why? Because they are SO cool! Seriously, the Blackberry platform is exceedingly stable and reliable. It seamlessly combines a well functioning phone with a mobile office built on ‘push’ technology. BB ‘pushes’ your email from multiple email accounts to your phone.

The Pearl, Curve, Bold and soon to be available locally Storm, all boast a bright, sharp colour display, QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi for super fast browsing and Bluetooth with Fort Knox type security.

But what makes it really cool is BB Messenger. Sure, most BB’s come preloaded with computer based instant messenger services like Yahoo!, MSN and Google Talk, but they all use data transfer which may be at a cost. BB Messenger is handset to handset from EVERYWHERE at no extra cost.

Cooler still, you can send voice notes and pictures through BB IM. Coolest of all! You can have multiple participants in one conversation or multiple conversations.

As for the iPhone, this is true touch technology, like we were introduced to on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Like the BB, the iPhone can make and receive calls, but iPhone is so the wrong name for this palm top computer. You can listen to music, watch recorded TV and movies, send and receive email and text messages, run all sorts of really cool aps, browse the internet, take pictures, view maps and satellite images (almost out of breath). But, Bluetooth is a problem, stability is a problem, cut and pasting is a problem.

My verdict, the iPhone is a great entertainment device; the BB is a great business tool. Good thing for me, I have both.

Challenge: Which is better?

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  1. Although they are phones per se, they shouldn't be compared. Its a case of oranges versus grapefruit, yes there are similarities, but they cannot be substituted for each other all the time.

    iPhone: It can be said that this has been the most revolutionary phone ever created that combined all of your common everyday devices into one specific tool and did the job better and more efficiently than most other similar devices (The Swiss Army knife of knives), and its flaws were so few that it is considered the best mobile device ever created.

    BlackBerry: A handheld device that has effectively and efficiently extended the office environment and made it mobile. Its security is second to none, and it will easily compete with any other device and win for the mere fact that it doesn't stand on its own but has a host of servers across the world at its disposal. Servers that simplify the browsing experience making it browse several times faster than the closest competitor, push technology that delivers mail to the handset sometimes faster than its delivered to the desktop. So the BlackBerry is a tool that fits a specific niche area and does it perfectly. Yes you can view pictures, listen to music, edit documents and perform many other functions but those are just add ons that sweeten the pot.

    The BlackBerry does not stand alone and is supported by a host of behind the scenes equipment and support personnel that makes the "BlackBerry Experience" so much nicer.

    The iPhone is supported by a regular mobile network and does everything so well it can be considered the Jack of All Trades and the best all rounder.



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