Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shop Jamaica

Continuing in our series on cool websites, here are some sites to shop in Jamaica or for Jamaican products.

CPTC online store
Sells DVD’s with Jamaican content, a celebration of culture
Ships around Jamaican and to the US, Canada and UK

Provides turnkey solutions for local businesses to get online
Host of stores in one location, craft, health and beauty, home and garden and more


Cool, clean interface with nice colours
Has bulletin board to help you advertise or find lost animals
Free delivery in Kingston, delivery island wide
Prices quoted in Jamaican Dollars
Pay with credit card or PayPal


Buy vouchers redeemable for anything (but cash) or specific grocery items
Prices quoted in US dollars
Assign a recipient

Anyone can place ads online, FREE
You state your price and location
Locally based interested buyers contact you by email
You can just have small classified listing or a whole store
Lots of categories
But, must have an account to list


Really cool Jamaican products like tams, flags and cups
Personal favourites flag bikini and 3 star ratchet knife
Requires you to sign up
Very little customer support, but nice product line

Food, coffee, craft, music even Ting
Can pay by credit card or PayPal
Nice interface and good support
Shipping only to US and must register


Will source anything
Allows you to pay online or at specified location


Allows you to buy or sell a car, find a dealer, parts, loans or insurance
Had car reviews
But under construction

Tell us about it using the internet:
Interface with us:
Online: www.carlettedeleon.com
On email: famefm@rjrgroup.com
On SMS: 878-FAME

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