Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tech IT Easy: Microsoft monopoly makes a comeback?

Not that long ago, we were accusing Microsoft of being a monopoly. Almost every PC was running on Windows, Office was the suite of choice and Internet Explorer killed Netscape as the most popular browser. In short, Microsoft was everywhere.

Google took a different path, but the results are similar. Most us have a GMail address, many of us have used Google Docs, and Chrome is fast becoming the most popular browser. Google is now omni-present in our lives and despite my fears of one entity having access to almost all my information, I'd accept an Android phone in a minute!

I am told in the last three months, Android sales have superseded those of iPhones, BlackBerrys and Nokias, capturing a robust 17 per cent of the smartphone market; that's a lot of phones. Android phones are the hottest, most exciting smartphones on the market. That is, until this week.

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  1. Actually Microsoft has gone quiet as open source operating systems like Linux at gain market share quite quickly.

    MS Office is has been loosing the same for years as my company is now testing Open Office here in KGN.

    As a result of the financial crisis all companies are now seeking to rest COST and so open source system as those mentioned above as examples, are poised to take over and in some instance they have.




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