Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tech: IT Easy - 'Touchy' and Cheap

Yup, AlCatel. I know you know the name. They make great modems and wireless routers. But they barely break the list of top 10 mobile-phone manufacturers. With the new One Touch 890, they are looking to change our perception of their brand.

The phone is cute, small and fashionable. But none of that speaks to what it can (or cannot do). The biggest, most notable feature is the Push WiFi. The handset will automatically alert you when you are in a WiFi Hotspot. If open, like the Flow Unplugged Hotspots, you can then get your data fix over the Internet, rather than a sometimes pricey and sometimes slow mobile network. Hmm. Considering Alcatel is known for their wireless routers, this is a really logical feature.

Outside of the Push WiFi, the OT 890 is an Android-powered mobile phone. What that means is that the whole suite of Google apps work really well on the phone. Google Maps and Latitude are great! I can't tell you how many times I have been lost, searched maps and got turn-by-turn directions to where I needed to go. And yes, it does work in Jamaica for free!

Google Talk, GMail, YouTube and the Android Market all open and operate smoothly on this palm-sized phone, that is clearly more than a phone.

Speaking of phones, if you're like me, you use your 'phone' less to make phone calls and more to network socially. Update your Facebook status, post to Twitter and keep up on all the feeds on the small-but-capable touch screen.

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  1. Carlette...this is not a comment but a query.

    A company give customers a BB pin for them to communicate. Is there any way to use a computer or any kind of software to allow for this communication. The BB is not totally convenient for so many chats.


  2. I think your query is a bit vague. Computers can use software such as MSN, ICQ, Googletalk etc to communicate with other people using these services. You can also download these for this phone via the Android market place as this phone runs Android, for a BB type communication software there is an Android app called 'Whatsapp' instead of using a PIN it actually uses your telephone no, best thing about this app is its also on iphone, bb and nokia aswell as android so its cross platform software.



Thanks very much for your comment!